Big Weather hits Jefferson State aka Southern Oregon Coast

Probably the biggest storm in several years, high winds and big water are hitting us hard.  I'm just waiting for it to get a bit lighter this morning before going down to check the creek.  It's always a good sign that the phone still has a dial tone-- so the bridge is still there but given the rain I"m sure it's close. 

24 bridge over floras creek


22 21







Still about 2 feet to go before it hits the bridge


Later in the afternoon:

It's stopped raining for a few hours and the creek is down about a foot already.  Hopefully we'll get a few more hours before the next wave hits.. it's amazing how quick it goes down (and how quick it goes up).

But it looks like I'm stuck up here for a bit -- road has washed out.  John and Dave Moral had to leave their truck and get a ride from the other side of the washout.  I'm staying here so I can keep an eye on the bridge etc.  Also I have plenty of supplies:

23 floras creek washout


How cool is the Curry County Road Dept? Just got this from Donna:


Thanks for the photos, the crew are on there way up now to check it out.
Which side are you on?  Are you stranded?

Office Manager

28 A few hours later

Just a few hours later there were some cones and stuff out. 

29 They're working on it

Amazing!  The next morning they were up here fixing the road.  I never expected the Curry County Road Department to be so quick -- especially considering how much work they have to do after the storm.  I thought it'd be a day or two at least before they could get the equipment up here.  So thanks a lot for the great service!

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