New Discovery Channel Show Idea?

Seems like everybody has a show.  We had the Axe Men set in Oregon -- OSHA loved that one and  Deadliest Catch where they follow crabbers around Alaska.. now there is a show about Iron workers and they have one about some guys who build EXTREME fish tanks??? Not sure what that is about so I guess it's the thing to show hard core jobs .. the cutting edge of danger and drama.

So this is my pitch: How does a unix geek in an off-grid  log cabin in the boonies of Oregon make a living?  


One Year Since Osama Bin Laden waternap

I was going to say dirtnap but they dumped his sorry ass at sea.   I don't miss you Osama .. hope the fishes got a little taste as you went down.  Good Riddance

PIXIES: Coachella Free live MP3 Download

Pixies just sent out a free download.  I'm getting it now.  Cool .. 4 songs.  U mass, Monkey gone to heaven, Hey, and Caribou


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