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This is a showcase of sites and people who produce great products and services down Jefferson State North West Way: that is Coos and Curry County Oregon. The ruralgoods network are a bunch of local folk I know who needed or wanted web sites done by someone they trust (rather than an anonymous big city outfit) so I obliged. The network has grown and new people are getting involved so I figured it's time to have one site that brings them all together in one place. This is it so far.


  • The Ocean Harvest Tyler's fishing boat and canned albacore tuna -- the first site I did on the new server. His was the kick in the pants that got this whole thing going over a bottle of single malt at his wedding reception (sorry Stacy).
  • Valley Flora Farm My good friends the Dirt Divas who needed a site. First class veggies and we all grew up on Floras Creek. Zoe really does a good job with the blog and the farming & Abby's Greens are in almost every store in NW Jefferson!.
  • Sportsmen's Cannery & Smokehouse Friends of Tyler who needed a site update BIGTIME. When they bought the business they didn't even own the domain.. so it got sorted out eventually and now they sell a lot of smoked salmon, tuna, shad roe, pollock roe, oysters and more .. on line.
  • Oregon Grass Fed My buddy Joe Pestana who's growing seriously killer grass fed beef. His Jerky kicks ass too.
  • Sea Mist Winery Steve Foster had me buy this domain years ago and they finally wanted to do something with it. The result: you can buy their wine on line. I particularly like the Cranberry Blackberry Wine but it's all good.
  • 101 Plants & Things Pat & Jeff needed a web site & I got a new camera so we went nuts with the flower pictures. I shop there for all my seeds & gardening needs around springtime especially.
  • Lee's Bees Honey Lee & Jack needed a site for their local raw honey. Got em going recently -- crazy good local raw honey.
  • Coastal Hills Pastured Poultry Got a call from Diana Swenson one day -- turns out she's growing pastured turkeys on her and Tom's place and needed a site. Had one for thanksgiving and it was the best turkey I ever ate!
  • Berry Creations Jami at Bandon Graphics needed a quick site as her web guy did an epic fail. We're still deciding what to do with this one. But at least you can contact her through it.
  • Bernie's Bronze I grew up with Pam Goldberg and Bernie Dal Mazzo and Athena and watched Bernie do these amazing bronze sculptures. The other week he decided to get on the internets (finally thinking it wasn't maybe just a fad) and so www.berniesbronze.com was born. Still working on it but it's starting to look pretty good.
  • Rescued Langlois Mountain Retreat after hackers defaced the old site that was left unattended for too long.
  • Built a site for Giddings Boat Works in Charleston. It's mostly image galleries of all the boats they've built -- including The Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch. Pretty cool.
  • Working on a site for some local wood www.wildriverstimber.com - custom cut local sustainable lumber & wood products.
  • Jimmy at West Coast Sea Foods needed a site to sell his troll caught wild albacore tuna in foil pouches.  We just launched it -- check it out - www.bestalbacore.com
  • Sandy and Cindy at Wild Rivers Wool Factory in Langlois just launched a re-vamp of their ailing web site.  Everything Wool -- which I'm eyeing those socks for this winter in trade for making this site :)
  • Cost Pro Direct -- Joe and Jake decided to take over costco deliveries when the Eugene store gave up on deliveries to the south coast.  Big catalog of costco stuff and deliveries for a reasonable price.  Not much to see unless you sign up for membership and are given access. If you are a business who used to get costco deliveries this is the place to check out.


Thanks a lot to everyone for working so hard to make such good stuff on the Southern Oregon Coast (aka North West Jefferson State).

You local and want to join the network? Please Let Me Know

-Zachary of Ruralgoods


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